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EO Mini-Pro v2

EO Mini-Pro v2

The EO Mini-Pro is the smallest and neatest little home charger available but it still manages to deliver a powerful 7kw charge. It only measures 22cm x 17cm (about the size of a bag of pasta) and comes in a number of different colours although most customers tend to choose either black or white. 

The EO Mini-Pro can be scheduled to start/stop charging through the App and comes in both tethered and un-tethered options although we find most customers prefer the less cluttered un-tethered option. 

As the EO Mini-Pro does not have an inbuilt PEN Monitor (a safety device needed when charging a vehicle outside) then we will need to install an O-PEN consumer unit for you. This is included in our installation price.

Here are some of our recent installs of the EO Mini-Pro to help you see what it looks like in real life. If you have any questions about how an install would work for your property please get in touch.

How Much Will it Cost?

EO Mini Pro EV charger (White)

Un-tethered Fully Installed from  £845*

EO Mini Pro Tethered EV charger

Tethered Fully Installed from  £915*

*80% of our EO Mini-Pro installs cost the amounts shown above. The other 20% of installs are those that require groundworks or alterations to existing circuits. 

Got Any Questions?

Get in touch today for expert advice on all your EV Charging needs. 

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