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How We Do It

The Best Home Charger Installation Service for You and Your Property

We want all our customers to get on with enjoying their new electric car instead of worrying about getting a charger installed; so we try to deliver the best possible sales and installation service that our customers will tell their friends about and, ultimately, keep us in business. 


Ok well not  quite 24/7 installs but we install early in the morning, in the evenings (we'll need to turn your power off for a short while so you might have to stream Game of Thrones on your phone briefly...) and at weekends. Just tell us which slot you prefer when completing your booking form. 

You're going to see your chargepoint every day so if you're as pernickety as we are you'll want it looking trim and professional. That's why we offer the neatest possible installation. Tidy & unobtrusive cabling, well drilled holes and considerate placing of everything you need.  If you're not 100% happy with your installation we'll rectify it free of charge and if you have got a particular request or would like the cable run in a specific manner just let us know.

We want to be the most competitive supplier of installed electric vehicle charging points in the UK whilst also offering the highest quality of installation. So if you can find a better quote for the  same charge point and installation we'll beat it by £50. 

Rules can be boring but when it comes to installing a new, high power, electrical circuit in your home they're really important. That's why all our installers are City & Guilds qualified electricians with years of experience and are accredited by OLEV (that's the government agency that deals with Electric Vehicle Charging) and the NICEIC (they're the Electrical body that make sure our work is up to scratch).

Got Any Questions?

Get in touch today for expert advice on all your EV Charging needs. 

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