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OHME Intelligent Wall Charger

OHME Intelligent Wall Charger

The Ohme Intelligent Wall Charger is a lovely little charger that is one of the 'smartest' on the market. It works seamlessly with Smart energy tariffs and has a great App to control charge scheduling, it will even pick the cheapest times to charge whilst still leaving you with a full battery in the morning. 

The Ohme only comes in a tethered version and the cable is neatly stowed away when not in use using the provided cable hook. 

It's a compact charger that will give you the full 7.2kw of power in a safe and reliable manner. It's also one of the most cost effective chargers available today. 

How Much Will it Cost?


Tethered Fully Installed from  £590.00*

*60% of our Ohme installs cost the amount shown above. The other 40% of installs are those that require a MATT:E device to be fitted where an earth rod is not suitable. This adds an additional £160 to the price shown. 

Got Any Questions?

Get in touch today for expert advice on all your EV Charging needs. 

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