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What's New with the Ohme Home Pro?

Ohme chargers are known as some of the smartest on the market. With the recent release of the upgraded Ohme Home Pro, you might be wondering what improvements have been made to the previous model. With its smart tariff integration and low starting price point, the Ohme Intelligent Wall Charger certainly seemed like the whole package! In this post, you’ll learn what changes have been made, and why the new Ohme Home Pro is a charger to get excited about.

Look and Functionality

Take a look at these pictures of the new Ohme charger vs the old Ohme charger.

Ohme Home Pro

Ohme Intelligent Wall Charger

The new Ohme charger features a sleek design with a large LCD screen. Not only is this new design a visual improvement on the older model, but also allows for improved functionality. For example, the interactive screen allows for easier reading of the visual elements of the display. It also adds the option to control the charger from the device itself, which is a significant change from the older model. Now, you have the option to use either the interactive screen or the app to control your charging schedules and targets, making the process of EV home charging as simple as possible.

While there have been a number of improvements to the older model’s functionality, the Ohme Home Pro has retained some of the best features of the Ohme Intelligent Wall Charger, such as smart tariff integration. If you don’t know what this is, then prepare to start saving money! The Ohme charger will calculate the times when charging is at its cheapest or greenest (depending on your targets) and make sure that you have a full charge within your selected window. Smart and cost-efficient, and still one of the cheapest chargers on the market at £590. What’s not to love?

Technical Specs

The improvements to the Ohme Home Pro don’t stop at look and functionality. A number of technical changes make this charger even more appealing than before. The Ohme Home Pro now has load balancing built-in. When installing an EV home charger it’s important to make sure the load of the charger, when combined with your normal household electricity usage, doesn’t exceed the supply capacity to your property. With built-in load balancing, you can rest easy knowing that your Ohme charger will automatically limit its amp usage to keep it below the maximum capacity available. Read more about amp capacity and built-in load balancing in this blog post.

Another notable improvement is the addition of built-in O-Pen protection to the Ohme Home Pro. With the old model, an earth rod would need to be installed in order to safely use the charger in most properties. The new Ohme charger can be installed without an earth rod reducing the risk of hitting buried services and providing an overall neater install. While this might not seem like the most significant upgrade to some people, it is certainly another welcome addition to the new Ohme charger.


The improved Ohme Home Pro is certainly an upgrade to its predecessor. It retains great features such as smart tariff integration, but makes controlling your charging and maintaining a sleek aesthetic even easier. For more information on the new Ohme Home Pro, and the other EV home chargers we offer, click here.

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